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The content of this exhibit focused on telling the narrative of reindeer as a cultural icon in North America and Europe. The exhibit lives outside, allowing the translucent and glossy elements of this exhibit to interact with natural light and alter the visuals throughout the day. The reindeer antler on the floor is a snow pit in which viewers can walk through while the antler above acts as a decorative piece to spatially continue the form. 

Process Prototypes

Final Exhibit Design

The spongy, cream-colored material scattered throughout the exhibit is reindeer moss, which is a primary source of food for reindeer, especially in the winter months. It adds a tertiary texture to complement the glittery snow and the glossy floor. 

The cube shapes where the information is housed is meant to contrast with the more organic shapes of the other elements in this exhibit so that the exhibit maintains a clean and crisp feel while the cubes appear to be naturally dropped.

A major component of this exhibit is the way light interacts with it, including the light refracting from the ice cubes, the shadows that more geometric elements like the antlers make, the reflections of the exhibit's elements on the glossy floor. The glossy white texture and ice cubes are also meant to mimic the feeling of a cool, snowy area while still appearing clean and sophisticated. 

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