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Grape Fruit Leather & Juice Blend

Grape Fruit Leather & Juice Blend is a branding concept reimagining what wine would look like if a modern-day prohibition transpired. Inspired by the "wine bricks" of the prohibition, this fruit leather product concept would be either eaten off the roll or fermented in water to produce wine. The instructions on the original wine bricks would contain instructions on what "not" to do so that the wine brick would not ferment into wine. The instructions on these rolls do the same; telling the consumer how to "prevent" fermentation. 

Inspiration Images

Because the sale of wine was illegal during prohibition, grape merchants sold dehydrated

grape bricks with a packet of dried yeast, along with a message on how to "not" turn it into wine.

inspiration images-02.png

Final Design

This product was reimaged as fruit leather rather than grape bricks, as fruit leather is a common snacking item today. The packaging was designed to appear vibrant and colorful, appealing to a wider age range as Grape could be given to children as a snack in its current form. However, the type and location of the grape is set in a script typeface and gingerly placed within the logo, suggesting the type of wine that adults could "not" make and drink from this product. 

grape logo_1_300x.png
grape logo_1_300x.png
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