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Design+Health: Redesigning the Bovie

Through extensive research observing many surgeries and interviewing surgeons in different specialties at different skill-levels, my team developed a proposal for a redesigned electrosurgery unit for our Design+Health course at RISD and Brown University.

We 3D printed different versions on the initial clay pen and decided to further iterate on the curvier model because we found that the added weight at the portion closest to the point of contact with the users hand was more comfortable and allowed for better cord management and control. We added a ball-and-socket joint at the end of the pen for the tubing to rotate at its axis. The bulbous, weighted areas allows the pen to comfortably rest on the surgeons hand to help counteract the weight from the smoke evacuator tubing that would pull the pen backwards otherwise.

Through our observations, we also found that the bovie holder that came with the bovie was poorly designed, as it was flimsy and meant to hang on the IV pull which is always too far from the operating table to actually be used to hold the bovie. We decided to add table clamps to the holder to allow the bovie to be kept closer to the operation site. We also added a small tension hole at the bottom of the holder in which the tubing could go through and the surgeon could adjust the amount of tubing that exits the hole to prevent the excess tubing from pulling on the bovie during the operation. 

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