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BZAM: Bug Zoo and museum

BZAM is a branding identity design for the hypothetical museum for bugs. It stands for Bug Zoo and Museum, a naming system that allows for branding applications to capitalize on the buzzing “Z” sound. The visual identity intends to establish the museum as a sophisticated, yet fun place, engaging to audiences of all ages but aimed to attract adults. To bring this idea to fruition, I used the bright, fun jewel tones found on insects and bugs coupled with a bold, yet delicate serif font for the logo. The layered outline of the BZAM logo is meant to look like the lace pattern seen on insect wings or webs. I coupled this logo with bold, geometric graphic assets because it nicely complements the organic and delicate forms of the bugs and insects you would see in the museum.

Inspiration Images

inspiration images-05.png

Process Sketches

Final Brand Identity

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